Of Water & The Spirit

Solo Exhibition at our gallery

October 2018 — (Unit 31) 1444 Dupont Street

Documentation photography curtesy of   Danika Zandboer

Documentation photography curtesy of Danika Zandboer

‘Of Water & The Spirit’ marks an unintentional and (what was once) nameless series produced in tandem to “Black & Reflective” and is born from a growing sense of responsibility to create work from my place of hope, not pain.

This exhibition pays ode to the mysteries of restructuring through divine life, the consensual movement of the spirit, and identifying as a work in progress. Isolating the metaphors of transformation through recent paintings, solid rocks fluidly transform, value is revealed, and wounds heal. These elements speak to the other side of the same coin, and a need to have (recognition of) faith beyond the reality of our situation to achieve the growth of our future. This movement is propelled by hope, the relinquishing of death’s grip via physical baggage, and the realignment towards original purpose.

Installation of artwork over wall mural

Exhibition Card

Exhibition Card

Smaller works showcased in the side room